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What is the Hubconsult Smart Company solution?


We work on international consulting projects like you - largely for international development donors such as Europeaid and UN organisations to implement technical assistance projects around the world, and in various sectors.




We noticed many colleagues saying that running a company is expensive, time consuming and not very tax efficient in many countries.




So we have developed a simple service to help consultants to address these 3 problems directly.




Using our low-cost, low-tax base Hubconsult in Hong Kong, you can make your contracts more profitable at the outset:




1. Bid for your next projects - as a contractor, give your contract the best start

2. Invoice your clients - as a subcontractor, give your contract the best start

3. Save cost and time - all the benefits of owning a company at a fraction of the cost, and time of running one!




...So, you save on the cost and time of company secretarial costs, bookkeepers, Annual Returns, Company Tax returns, audit and ongoing maintenance. Hubconsult is also located in a tax-efficient location - consultants will raise an invoice to Hubconsult wherever they choose, where they are responsible for their own tax affairs. Our emphasis is on enabling more efficient company structure and invoicing.



Our subscribers are already using the service both for invoicing and as a vehicle to bid for new projects. Indeed, it is the ideal place for different consultants to collaborate and bid on projects jointly!




There are two main groups of consultants who Hubconsult is designed for:


  1. Consultants or entrepreneurs who wish to bid for a project or contract as a contractor

  2. Freelancer consultants who have been awarded a contract as a subcontractor


To be eligible, you will have a solid professional reputation verified by your peers via LinkedIn for example with an international profile which would complement the expertise within our network.



Is this right for me?


Simple solutions are often the most effective ones. Please look at the questions below to see if any of these situations apply to you:




Do any of the following issues or needs apply to you?

Do you think that issue might be solved if..?

Here’s what Hubconsult has developed to help you address that issue...

Do you think Hubconsult’s solution addresses your needs?

Which doubts or concerns do you have?

Does that sound like something you might like to try?

1. I would like to bid for new contracts and projects.

I need the facility of a company in order to develop business, bid on projects and offer my company services.

...if I had use of an  established company that already regularly participates in consulting projects and bids on new projects.

Hubconsult is registered in Hong Kong, is fully managed and regularly participates in consulting contracts and bids on new projects. When successful, new bids are managed through Hubconsult in Hong Kong regardless which company in the world the project takes place in, where the consultant is resident or wherever the client is located.

Through the Hubconsult network of experts, you may also find other consulting companies or experts to collaborate with.


2. I am an international consultant (I live in country A, my client is in country B, and my project is in country C).

It would be simpler for me to invoice from a service company situated in a strong business-friendly location.

You could invoice your client from a location with a solid business-friendly reputation such as Hong Kong, in heart of Asian market, and ideal for invoicing your international consulting clients anywhere in the world in 11 different currencies.

Hubconsult has developed InvoiceNow: You invoice your client from Hubconsult registered in Hong Kong.

You can invoice in multiple currencies.

For non-HK business, no Corporation Tax will be deducted.

You will not need to charge VAT.

You may also contract in your own trading name (and use Hubconsult simple as your invoicing service) or also use Hubconsult for contracting.


3. The company I manage has different service providers for company registration, bookkeeping, tax returns, annual returns, and there is no online accounting option which would give me a neat snapshot of my Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet. I also have to manage VAT returns.

As I am often on the move, this is difficult, costly and stressful - energy which I would rather use on my clients or on me!

I need a company solution which is less expensive, time-consuming and complicated.

...I could find a company that does all of this for me?

..where all I am required to pay is a modest annual subscription fee and I just pay a small fee whenever I use the company?

That would kick-start my business by saving cost, and freeing up a lot of my time, as well as give me peace of mind knowing that the company admin is taken care of.

Hubconsult is fully managed for you - the company is registered, Hubconsult maintains the bank account with HSBC, the accounts and prepared and audited, all Annual Returns are taken care of meticulously, and the Tax Return filed.

Hubconsult has an online accounting portal Xero which will allow you to monitor your multi-currency Profit and Loss statement for your business.

It costs you less than €1 per day + 1% of invoice value paid through Hubconsult.


4. Obtaining company registration papers and the opening of a business bank account with a credible bank has proved difficult.

I need straightforward and quick access to a company and bank account situated in a credible location.

...if you had the use of your credible company within 3 days, and if you had use of the most renowned business bank in the world?

With Hubconsult, you’re in business in just 3 days. Our business bank account is held with HSBC in Hong Kong.

You sign up, we do KYC checks to ensure we add only verified professional experts to our network and then you’re good to go!.


5. I am not sure how the costs of subscribing to Hubconsult would differ from my own company.


I need a invoicing solution which allows me overall to save money and time, by lowering company admin costs, including bookeeping, auditing etc and tax efficiency gains.

...if the cost of subscribing to a company were less than the regular cost of managing your own company.

We do not know the answer to that for sure - that is why we invite you to take the test using Hubconsult’s Calculate Savings tool.

If you find that using Hubconsult is cheaper than your own solution, and if you think we can help you save time and stress in managing your invoicing and company structure, then you might like to look at what subscription options are available. These are also structured in a way that helps to save more when you take a longer term view for your business.

You can subscribe for longer and save more but the most popular version is the Gold Plan, for 5 years, costing you less than €1 per day for the next 5 years.

(restricted numbers at this price)

If you have any questions you would like to discuss, we are here to help. Please leave a message via the Contact Page.


6. I would like to be part of a company which cares for the community, harnesses good ideas to support vulnerable groups through expertise of Hubconsult’s own network and financial contribution. Combining resources to achieve these objectives is more worthwhile together than simply as an individual.

...if you could be part of a company that has a real developmental ethos to support the community and help with charitable causes.

Hubconsult would like to hear from its members how we can be a force for good in the community, to build trust, support the vulnerable, underpriveleged, supports arts and sports locally. Hubconsult is ready to contribute towards this effort based on schemes selected by the community.




So you’re interested and would like to try Hubconsult to see for yourself?




To feel comfortable with the service, we allow you to try it for free for the first 6 months as follows:





Subscription Fee

Management Fee

First 3 months



Next 3 months


2% of paid invoices

Normal Gold Plan price

€25 per month*

2% of paid invoices


(for sign-ups before Dec 31 2016)

€25 per month*

1% of paid invoices




* paid in advance for 5 year plan


At any point during the free trial period, just add a subscription. The €300 per year Gold Plan costs is the most popular - get focused on what you do best for your business, with the peace of mind that your company admin is taken care of, all for less than €1 per day.


So Hubconsult’s Smart Company solution is a simple. Consultants issue their sales invoices to their clients quoting their invoicing details as Hubconsult and our bank details. Once, these are cleared, we will let you know the amount which has arrived in our account. Your Purchase Invoice will be based on 99% of that amount. All bank transfer charges will be for the user's account.




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