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To allow you to feel comfortable with the service, we allow you to try it for free for the first 6 months as follows:


Subscription Fee


(Invoice your client to Hubconsult.)*



(Bid for a project in name of Hubconsult. Hubconsult will sign your contract)*

First 3 months




Next 3 months


2% of invoices****

4% of invoices****

Gold Plan - pay up front

€25 per month***

1% of invoices****

2% of invoices****

Gold Plan - pay each Quarter

€50 per month

2% of invoices****

4% of invoices****


*    Terms and Conditions apply

** Please just show your appreciation telling us why you love Hubconsult in a post with a link to  on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter

***    Paid in advance for 5 year plan. €25 x 12 = €300. The price of the Gold 5 year plan is just €1,500.

**** Of funds received. All transfer charges for the associate account.

Check out all of the features below. Once you have decided to continue, just add a subscription. The €25 per month Gold Plan is exceptional value. Such a small price for convenience and peace of mind for less than €1 per day! Our clients love it - see what they say below!

To try our Free Trial - just click the green Free Trial button below.


 Plans and Features
Your business set up with Hubconsult
Your Business set up in 3 days
Business HQ in Hong Kong and Hubconsult corporate identity
Invoice your projects through Hubconsult
Bid for projects as Hubconsult
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email set up in google apps (if you wish)
Editable business card template in Photoshop (if you wish)
Company Administration
No more company filing, company secretarial
No more company accounts, audits, returns to Companies House
All of the "back-office" function taken care of for you
Banking, Corporate Tax and VAT
Your Sales and Purchase Invoices paid through Hubconsult's HSBC account
Hubconsult Corporate Tax and VAT calculated, settled and paid
Banking and taxation affairs managed for you
My Hubconsult Account
Use of Xero online accounting for your invoicing
7 day average settlement of your fees as soon as client pays (14 days max)
Your Business Security 
Strict client and Associate checks
Terms and Conditions for your protection
No corporate debt to give you peace of mind
Client segregated accounts in Xero
Business Development Opportunities
Use Hubconsult as your consortium partner with other companies to bid on your next projects
Use Hubconsult to form your company with other experts to bid on your next projects
Use Hubconsult as your entity for recruiting, consulting, export-import etc
Become a Hubconsult affiliate yourself. Earn 20% of new sign-ups. 
1 month
1 year
3 years
5 years
10 years


 Pricing Options
Option 1 (Up-front subscription)
You pay in total:
(Your daily overhead)
Option 2 (Quarterly subscription)
You pay quarterly:
No. of payments
You pay in total
(Your daily overhead)
1 month
try now1
1 year

3 years

5 years

10 years



Whichever plan you choose, they are all packed with the same great features to help your business save overhead cost, save your time, and boost your revenues - and we are adding more value for you all of the time! 

There are just two choices to make: length of time and payment option. 

Length of time

The difference in plans is their lengths of time - 1 year, 3, 5 and 10 years. 

The 5 year Gold Plan is most popular; the 10 year Platinum gives you an even slightly lower daily cost of running your business. We recommend the Gold Plan as the ideal minimum time horizon:  5 -10 years' peace of mind and a good period of time to develop your business products and your customer base.

Payment Option

Pay up-front (Option 1) or pay Quarterly (Option 2) 

When paid up-front, the Gold Plan represents excellent Value for Money, with everything included for less than €1 per day!  (The daily cost is even less with a 10 year plan.)

If you wish, you can pay Quarterly (Option 2) but if you are serious about developing your business, your service and markets over the long term then you will probably prefer the Plans with the longer time horizons. The % commission you will pay will also be half if you choose an up-front plan, which works out better value for you in the long run!


"finally no more long delays in getting our business up and running - it was less than the 3 days than they said"
"the simplicity of contracting and accounting online and the credibility of Hubconsult and its bank HSBC in Hong Kong - its worth making the switch for that alone!" 
"being a freelancer is suddenly far more rewarding - we recommend Hubconsult to all of our freelance friends"
 "I really expected this would cost a lot more - real practical stuff that we can use, not waffle about boosting sales. Of course we need a company structure, accounts and audit etc - this just provides it all a lot cheaper"
"this has to be the best value for money incorporation anywhere in the world - all of the back-office company admin, accounting and audit taken care for less than €1 per day!"
"with the Gold Plan we have peace of mind - we have locked in this amazing value for the next 5 years, so we can really just focus on growing our business - so it's really a win-win!"


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