Our Story

Hubconsult was founded in 2002 by Nick Norvell, shortly after a 2-year stint as a VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas) volunteer in Zambia. Like many consultants, he responded to a tender document from a donor agency, bid for a project in China and won. So Hubconsult was born. Since then, he and his colleagues have implemented dozens more projects (and bid on a lot more!), for large international donors such as Europeaid, World Bank, bilateral donors, with Governments and the private sector, and spanning many sectors and in well over 30 countries in Africa, Caribbean, Asia, Eastern Europe, CIS and Balkans, North and South America. 

Our community of freelance consultants implement their work in all continents - in fact some travel so much it seems they live out of a suitcase! (We all know that story too well...). Nick is a LinkedIn member like many of you.

Over time, the issues which our fellow consultants face have become apparent. Many of you told us the issues you face in the costs of company admin, bookkeepers, tax, and trying to grow as a small business. We considered what Hubconsult could to do to help and set about designing a service that would address your needs for lower company overheads, simplicity and safety. (See our Solutions page for the problem analyis table.)

On the Sign-up page you will see the features which our plans offer to help address your needs for a company infrastructure that works for you, saving you cost and time as well as helping you to focus on what you do best and want to do - growing your business, and the burden of company admin.

Trust, Professionalism and Exclusivity

Hubconsult is backed by a team of partners and service providers. We aim for a quality of service that puts a smile on your face and will make you want to refer Hubconsult to your friends and colleagues. Reputation and Value for Money are everything - that's why all nearly of our business comes from referrals!

We know that handling your money bears a huge responsibility - that is also why we bank with the safest bank, HSBC.

Hubconsult has partnered with our accountants in Hong Kong to develop our "business in a box" solution. In each of the last 4 years, our accountants, licensed with both ICAEW in UK and HKICPA in Hong Kong have been awarded for their excellence by HSBC and by Hang Seng banks. We are very proud to have them as our partner.  

Business and Social Impact!

Here is how are helping to deliver social impact in your community! 

  • Businesses set up faster and at lower cost! Great for start-ups and SMEs!
  • Special discounted price of less than €1 per day cuts the cost of doing business!
  • Lower admin costs and simplified contracting create jobs and remove disincentives!
  • Business made more rewarding and enjoyable!
  • Discounted package for charities and NGOs (contact us)!
  • You help us choose which community projects Hubconsult supports! 
  • Join a community of professionals and collaborate!
  • Connects you with the heart of the Asian market!
  • Great for EU contractors! We can provide the same service inside and outside the EU!
  • More tools on the way to bid for work!

This has to be more effective at creating jobs than than struggling through expensive red tape, right?

Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs)

Freely included as part of your package, you may take advantage of advice from our specialist team of Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) to assist you in ensuring that your financial plan is consistent with your life plan - i.e. that capital growth and/or yield from your investments and savings are consistent with what you need for retirement, education, health, vacations, children well-being and security. We refer you to these advisers - we are not an IFA firm ourselves. But we ensure you will receive a wide choice of IFAs to choose from. 

Your Personal and Corporate Tax Management

Hubconsult handles your company admin and is therefore responsible for your Hubconsult Corporate Tax. However, you may want to go further and ensure that your personal tax affairs are optimised (or even the tax affairs for another company which you operate), helping you with your "big picture" financially. Contact us and we can assist with such solutions. Our network includes personal tax advisors specialist in different tax residencies who can help you optimise your affairs.

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