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How does being a Hubconsult Associate help my business?

Hubconsult provides you the services of a company which you can subscribe to save you the cost and time of running a company yourself.

We understand that you want to run a business not spend your time on company administration. Hubconsult allows you to do exactly that by freeing up the time you would have spent on company admin, and doing it all much more efficiently using our powerful online accounting plugin. Xero. More time for you and your clients, and less stress around company admin deadlines. 

In addition, you will save money. You may try the Cost Saving calculator to estimate how much these savings will be. 

You can use it to bid as a contractor, bring a team or consortium together, manage a grant fund. 

In addition, by joining a family of like-minded experts in similar sectors and locations, our vision is to help you to do business together. Your business joins the Hubconsult network of businesses. The Hubconsult network provides a platform to share references on projects allowing your business development opportunities to expand.

Which features are included?


Hubconsult has established a service which allows you to contract and invoice from Hubconsult Ltd. So you can have all of the benefits of a company without the hassle and cost of owning one! The combination of offline and online services helps to improve the user’s Profit after Tax by saving time and cost, while providing positive marketing benefits. 

All of the features are mentioned on This may be updated from time to time to reflect new features.

These features are designed to save you a lot of work:

Company structure

  • Use Hubconsult's trading name (subject to our T&Cs), or use your own
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Directors & Secretary
  • Certificate of Shareholders
  • English Version of the Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Notarised and apostilled documents.
  • Application for a business bank account, which can take many months!


  • Contract of your client, our standard contract, or tailored contracts

Company admin taken care of

  • Registered Office Services
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Maintaining Statutory Registers
  • Preparation and filing of all returns
  • Registration of your Share Capital
  • Drafting of all Corporate Resolutions

Tax Planning

  • The structure based in Hong Kong is already tax-efficient for you in terms of Corporate Tax and VAT
  • We can refer you to Personal Tax advisers to help you manage your personal tax liability given your payments of fees and dividends to yourself, your specific assets, residence, family circumstances, and so on 
  • We can refer you to an expat banking provider
  • For SMEs we can assist with invoice management to ensure you utilise your tax-deductible costs


  • Accounts accessible via online accounting software Xero.
  • Ledgers kept
  • Trial Balance
  • Invoices recorded
  • VAT charged and claimed (but your invoices will normally be VAT-free from Hong Kong)
  • Final Accounts provided and Audited
  • Our aim is to relieve you of accounting and VAT hassle!
  • Your account with Hubconsult will be available to you whenever you need, to show which invoices have been sent, paid, and due, and payments made to your personal account


  • You are paid within 14 days of your Sales Invoices being paid (usually within 7 days) 

How much does it cost?

The cost of being a Hubconsult Member is much less than if you ran a company yourself!

Our aim is to help support freelancers and small businesses as much as possible - practical solutions at a price you can afford.

As you would expect, the fee structure is simple and transparent too and makes it as low-cost as possible for you.

The cost comprises 2 parts - your subscription fee (which you can pay upfront ) and your admin 1% fee (deducted from the fees paid to you). 

You may also use the service without subscribing and pay a flat 2% fee on the value of your invoices received. 

So the Gold Plan costs only €300 per year for example when you pay upfront for 5 years, packed full with cool features. That’s less than €1 per day! A lot less money and stress than if you were to manage it all yourself! Some prefer to try out first with a One Year Plan, for €500, so that's why we made it flexible. 

That also means you know in advance what your costs will be. Great for planning your budget ahead!

We recommend the Gold Plan. It's the best way to plan the cost of running your business.

Stroll over to to see our Pricing Plans.


Does it matter if I am a freelancer or company?

Does it matter if I am a freelancer or company? No, our solution is designed to work whether you are a freelancer or company. The process works the same. Your contracts and invoices will be issued by Hubconsult and signed by you and your client as normal.

If you have a company already, then our solution will allow you to save on company administration on your existing company, or use it to manage invoicing between Hubconsult and your company.

Will the structure of my business change?


You still sign a contract and issue invoices to your client but in the name "Hubconsult for the services of User."

Your liability towards your client has not changed. Hubconsult does not take any liability for the performance of your contract to your client. But your invoice is paid to Hubconsult and then Hubconsult pays you.  

Hubconsult is registered in Hong Kong and in the EU. Many of our users wish for their contracts to be issued from Hong Kong. If your client requires you to be "EU", then we can provide that service. 

Your own business keeps the structure it had before you became a Member of Hubconsult, whether you are a sole trader "trading as", an incorporated company, Association, NGO or other. You retain the control of your brand, or trading name and have exclusive responsibility for the performance of your contract viz your client. 

What are the advantages of trading as a company?

  • Doing business as a company does give certain benefits:
  • Your fees are not received in your personal name
  • You have a corporate image, credibility to bid for projects, and expand your activities
  • You can offer more services , subcontract other experts and take a margin, and grow your business
  • Your company can be located somewhere more tax-efficient than you as an individual
  • You can more easily deduct your expenses
  • As a separate legal entity, the company grants you more privacy than trading in your name – you are not legally required to be the shareholder of your company, for example.
  • Management charges are deductible
  • You may be able to reclaim VAT

If I have an existing company, how can Hubconsult help me?

As you will see from the plans and features on the Sign-up page, Hubconsult can simplify the business of running a company. For freelancers and small businesses it is ideal since they do not need to worry about the time and cost of running a company.

For existing companies, they can benefit by managing their contracts and invoices to take advantage of the overhead and cost reduction.

Specifically, some or all sales invoices can be issued through Hubconsult. 

Payments made to Hubconsult in respect of services provided against Purchase Invoices also help to manage the taxable profit in your existing company. 

Both of these help to manage your company's own Corporate tax liability. 

Please note that the liability for your personal or Corporate taxation remains the responsibility of you and your Company. Hubconsult and this website cannot predict the outcome of negotiations you may have with your own national tax authorities but we strongly advise you to follow the law in your country at all times and seek professional advice. 

How will you reduce admin costs?

First, when people say they want to run a company, really they want to run a business - and not the liability and cost of running a company on their own. This responsibility and hassle dissuades a lot of potential start-ups or can create an "albatross" of cost and hassle which diverts the business owner from winning new business.
This is what so many of you have told us:  “I am snowed under with...
  • registering VAT,
  • annual accounts
  • Audit fees
  • Company registration fees
  • Nominee shareholders
  • Representation fees
it never stops” we decided to do something about it
We found that on company administration, you can always save time and money using a service to manage your company for.

Hubconsult’s Corporate Hosting Service does just that because you use our own structure!
We reduce the huge investment in time and overhead cost for you by letting you pass that job to us. So you benefit in economies of scale - rather than each expert having a bookkeeper, all with different systems, to prepare and audit accounts, filing for different companies, producing Annual Returns, reviewing contracts maintaining different office spaces etc, etc, we do all of this once for a larger group of experts. In short, we pass these economies of scale onto you and allow you more Value for Money, innovation and security than if you managed it all yourself.

In fact, as freelancers ourselves, we are constantly asking what the consulting network needs and shape our service to make it most effective for you.

But I already have a bookkeeper?

As a Hubconsult Member, you can improve your Profit after Tax by controlling your company administration costs...

  • avoid spending between €100 and €300 per month for bookkeeping as many consultants do
  • employing a bookkeeper is a “lumpy fixed cost” – whereas with Hubconsult, this cost is eliminated
  • it simply does not pay to run a company yourself when you can share that cost with many others! You want Value for Money
  • many experts spend too much of their time with the company administration back-end rather than the business front-end, so we give you back time to generate business
  • Hubconsult’s professional service team gives you best value advice from your overhead, professionalism which is often beyond the reach of the sole trader or freelancer
  • you want to free up your time to win business and enjoy your income, not chase administration
  • it's like a “Business in a Box” - pretty much all the tools you need!

Does it matter which sector I work in?

We are open to working with you whichever sector you work in. When you sign up, we will ask you about your business and profession.
We have strict Anti-Money Laundering (AML) rules, and our Know Your Customer (KYC) rules forbid us to work with you if your business is in any way illegal, discriminatory or we feel breaches reasonable ethics. We retain the right to refuse any interested client for the benefit of our clients and network.

Does liability change when I do business using Hubconsult?


Your contracts are signed by the service provider (you) and your client. Both the service provider and the client explicitly accept the Terms and Conditions and the Contract terms. This is both a condition of using and of doing business with Hubconsult.

Using Hubconsult makes no difference to the liability which you have towards your client and third parties. Hubconsult and its owners do not accept any claims made against them in respect of the activities of users, clients or third parties. You also indemnify Hubconsult in the event of your clients or third parties making claims against Hubconsult in respect of your contracts or work performed.

For this reason, the Service Provider and its clients are advised to carry their own insurance in respect of performance risk in the event of contract disputes. Hubconsult may provide support in referring you to a Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) provider without any obligation on our part or yours. 

These restrictions on Hubconsult liability also prevent you and Hubconsult from being affected by any claims by other users' clients if they arose. Other controls we have include strict user verification and checks, and contract checks, strictly worded Terms and Conditions and Contracts. 

Does it matter in which country I work ? Albania, Brazil, China ...Italy, Serbia...UK, USA, Zambia?

Your business and your residence can be anywhere in the world. Hubconsult will administer your contracts from our Corporate HQ in Hong Kong. That is one of the advantages – your location remains the same no matter how much you are “on the move”
You can be a citizen of any country in the world, and become a Hubconsult Member, in order to issue contracts and invoices from Hubconsult in Hong Kong.
For our EU experts who need a solution in an EU country, then contact us - we can accommodate this too. Hubconsult did indeed start business back in 2002 in the EU - the majority of our network are in the EU.

How can I insure myself against claims from my clients?

Hubconsult will support you where possible to introduce you to a Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) provider to discuss your needs. This will require input from you to define the type of risk and the risk coverage to be insured.

As the Terms and Conditions, and the General Contract conditions make clear, you the User agree that you or your client will not make any claims against Hubconsult in respect of services provided by you to your client. You indemnify Hubconsult against claims which you, your client or third parties may make against Hubconsult. Any service provider runs the risk of claims against it, and you are recommended to insure yourself and to recommend to your client to insure itself. 

If you choose to purchase PII then the risks, liability and level of compensation claimable will remain matters between you and the insurer.  

What security measures are in place?

Hubconsult Limited company security

  • Hubconsult is managed for you in Hong Kong and our other offices. 
  • Company administration is all taken care of for you and available for you to inspect

Contractual security

  • Your contracts are accessible only by signatories - you and us in Hubconsult and by the client, and no others
  • You have access via our online contracting portal powered by Adobe EchoSign
  • We provide you with secure access and you maintain your own passwords

Invoicing and Accounting Security

  • Your invoices and sales ledger are accessible only by you and us in Hubconsult. You present those invoices to your client
  • You have access via our online accounting portal powered by Xero
  • We provide you with secure access and you maintain your own passwords

Financial Security

  • We keep a Current Ratio (Current Assets to Current Liabilities greater than 1)
  • We do not take on debt or perform any financial services, trading, leverage etc.
  • The payment of your Purchase Invoices to you is paramount. Hence, we will cease new transactions if ever our Current Ratio fell below 1, or we had a negative cash balance. This will not happen as our business model is based on tightly managed cash flow. We simply repay to you your sales invoices once we have been paid.  
  • Banking security
  • payments by the client reach Hubconsult's account at HSBC safely and securely

How can I trust that my money is safe in Hong Kong?

  • We understand that consultants worry about the safety of their deposits both at home and overseas. That is why we have located in Hong Kong, away from the crisis-ridden eurozone; and that's why we bank with HSBC. However, EU experts can still benefit from our protection for EU funded projects. 
  • In addition, as a matter of course, inward payments to Hubconsult are recycled as outward payment to you (as experts, consultants, small business owners) with a minimum of delay. This itself limits your exposure further.
  • Our Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) specialises in advising expatriate consultants on managing deposits. Some of these products carry some of the highest level of investor protection in the world, as well as confer advantage of tax-efficiency. Contact us to find out more.

Can you provide any references?

Yes, don’t just take our word for it, read some of our Testimonials too. We also very much welcome your feedback or new ideas on how we can help you even more!

"finally no more long delays in getting our business up and running - it was less than the 3 days than they said"
"the simplicity of contracting and accounting online and the credibility of Hubconsult and its bank HSBC in Hong Kong - its worth making the switch for that alone!" 
"being a freelancer is suddenly far more rewarding - we recommend Hubconsult to all of our freelance friends"
 "I really expected this would cost a lot more - real practical stuff that we can use, not waffle about boosting sales. Of course we need a company structure, accounts and audit etc - this just provides it all a lot cheaper"
"this has to be the best value for money incorporation anywhere in the world - all of the back-office company admin, accounting and audit taken care for less than €1 per day!"
"with the Gold Plan we have peace of mind - we have locked in this amazing value for the next 5 years, so we can really just focus on growing our business - so it's really a win-win!"

What is the process after I sign up?

1. When you are offered a contract or piece of work to carry out consulting for example, you then provide the Hubconsult contact details for your contract, e.g. Hubconsult (for the services of Mr Smith) with our address details. 

2. Hubconsult contracts with your client on your behalf at the terms you have agreed

3. You perform the consulting services for your client and ask us to invoice your client

4. Hubconsult invoices your client

5. When your client pays Hubconsult , Hubconsult pays you, wherever you ask us to

6. All of the back-end functions are carried out by Hubconsult, giving your peace of mind!

What is special about Hubconsult?

Hubconsult understands international consultants and freelancers because we have worked with them for many years since 2002, in over 40 countries. We have applied technology and modern techniques to reducing the burden of company administration for you at incredible good value, while providing a number of features to streamline your business. 
With our strong experience and with expertise you can trust, and our commitment to Value for Money, and continual improvement, you will not find a more cost-effective company solution for your business. 

Here is a comparison against other service providers:

Other service providers

X Payroll services are typically geared to the individual remaining tax resident in your high-tax jurisdiction

X Lack of corporate identity support

X Poor back-office and service provision

X Sleepy Service Providers or Umbrella Companies


Flexibility for you: Hubconsult pays you the same as your client pays you, less the fee detailed on our T&Cs. You instruct us where to pay your fees.

Hubconsult is an established consulting company, incorporated in Hong Kong and has been in business since 2002 winning business on donor-funded aid projects for many years. Our experts have used our business and accounting service for over 10 years.
The Hubconsult brand makes an ideal partner for your business's own brand name, while you benefit from the Hubconsult network which may include other businesses which may become partners or clients too .

Hubconsult has joined forces with professional accountants, lawyers and Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs):
Profit Accounting in Hong Kong, winner of HSBC New business award in 2012. We will make sure therefore that not only our Company Secretarial, contracting and auditing functions are covered but your accounting too. 

Arkwealth Global in UK, our award winning Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) with a specialism for financial planning for expatriates. 

This network alone ensures:

Hubconsult provides peace of mind for your corporate accounting and compliance needs, trusted and professional tax planning advice, compliance and administration achieved for best Value for Money.

Hubconsult ensures that IFA professionals attend to your expatriate and national personal wealth needs, to help you generate growth and yield with your disposable income. Hubconsult also continues to introduce extra services to support the profitability of your business.

In short, Hubconsult is “your business in a box”...

Isn’t Peace of Mind more important than just disposable income?

Exactly, above all you have told us you want a safe jurisdiction for your company. That is why we have chosen Hong Kong with its many benefits:
  • Hong Kong is our preferred location or our office in the EU  
  • HSBC account - a safe bank in a safe location, safe for your assets, tax-efficient and credible
  • Safe investment climate, away from banking scares
  • At centre of Asia's fastest growing markets - China, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan
  • Hong Kong Law based on UK law
  • Tax regime highly favourable for you (non-Hong Kong transactions are free of profit tax)
  • bank in euros, US$, GBP, HK$ and many more
  • bank online
we know you would enjoy improving your Profit after Tax by cutting your overhead cost and reducing taxation and delegating all of the admin to us, but that is immaterial without peace of mind:
  • You want peace of mind to delegate to qualified professionals you can trust and know that your affairs are being handled efficiently, in compliance with the law
  • Compliance deadlines being met automatically
  • Slash the time you spend on Company Administration
  • You want Value for Money
  • You want to maximise your disposal income from the work that you do
  • You want sound contracts
  • Running a company is a complicated responsibility. Delegating a responsibility buys you time for the things you enjoy!
With Hubconsult, we work hard working on your company admin, so you don’t have you peace of mind...

and that’s apart from saving you taxation and administration cost, and the business advantages of joining the Hubconsult network

How can Hubconsult help with my Corporate and Personal Taxation?

The drivers of your Profit after Tax are:
  • Gross Sales
  • Cost of Sales
  • Admin costs and, of course..
  • Taxation
So your taxation is important to you for financial and economic reasons.
There are many businesses for which the location of the business is mobile across borders - internet businesses, consulting in other countries, or import-export for example. Therefore, you can optimise where your business is located and where your contracting and invoicing is carried out. The taxation on your business income can therefore be optimised.
It is important to keep your tax affairs legal but efficient. That’s why our Corporate Hosting Solution is designed with both legal compliance and cost-saving in mind!*
Our solution allows you to optimise taxation on your business as well as cut your company overhead.
Hubconsult does not have responsibility for your personal taxation affairs, however, but we may refer you to specialist personal tax advisers without obligation to you or us. 
Our structure also allows EU consultants to use our EU office as a EU home for their business, while retaining the safety of Hong Kong banking. 

* Note: It does not absolve your personal responsibility for taxation since Hubconsult cannot know all of your income and expenditure, assets and liabilities or other fiscal circumstances.

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