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Quite simply, it’s the safest, most credible and tax-efficient home for your business

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The Expensive Way

We know consultants, thousands of them around the world, working in different sectors for various private and public sector clients!

Setting up and running a company from scratch is costly at the start, not to mention the ongoing monthly, quarterly and annual bills for filing, accounting, auditing etc. It is stressful, takes huge amounts of time, distracting you from running your business. 

That's why we developed a simpler, cheaper and more effective solution for your company formation and administration needs.

So isn't there a simpler solution?

The Smart Way

Yes, there is! The great news is that you can share our simple company set-up solution. Lots of consultants contract through hubconsult, British owned and based in Hong Kong, saving them the cost and hassle of running a company themselves. 

hubconsult and our partners run a company for you so you don't have to saving you time, money, and stress.

So there is a much smarter way of organising your company structure, and this is it!

And that is just where the benefits of hubconsult start for you!


The Inefficient Way 

We can see the huge diversity in tax rates, VAT etc being paid by consultants, experts and companies around the world, and often quite different when their circumstances are the same. So many experts are not optimised on taxation. In other words, they are wasting more money, on top of the high fees they are paying on administration. 

Does this sound familiar? “I am happy with my fee income but I have to pay a fortune in accounting and bookkeeping and I lose a weekend every month keeping up with the paperwork. And then, I have to pay almost half of it in tax when I'm based for most of the time out of the country!”


In fact, we just spoke to a British communications consultant in Italy who has over 55% deducted from her fees at source by her client. Hardly an incentive to work, and is actually encouraging her to think of leaving the country. 

The Efficient Way

Good news is here! While your personal tax affairs are your own business, when you operate through hubconsult, your fee income generated outside of Hong Kong is paid to you gross, free of corporate tax. And that is not is free of VAT too. 

Being paid gross puts you more in control.

There are lots of cases where we can save you a large % of your net profit. If your business is with country A, your client in country B, and your residence in country C, then it is clear that you can optimise the location of your contracts and therefore your business income. 


What your business needs..

  • A company address in a serious and safe business location with strong business law for preparing and fulfilling your contracts
  • A secure bank giving you peace of mind
  • All of your company administration set up and maintained for you by qualified accountants
  • Your contracts prepared legally and effectively
  • Your invoices issued properly
  • Your invoices paid promptly and your earnings accessible
  • Deductibility for your business expenses
  • Your taxes optimised
  • Compliance with Companies House filing requirements, filing of Annual Accounts, monthly compliance, VAT and other submissions, audit reporting to tax authorities
  • Financial planning
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)
  • Strong company identity is important, e.g. website and branding
  • Support for driving your business forward, networking 

What hubconsult gives you.. 

  • hubconsult's location could not be stronger or more credible for business. Based in Hong Kong, and British owned, we also have a UK representative office for use by our EU clients. We also happen to be based in the centre of some of the world's most dynamic economies and markets!
  • hubconsult banks with HSBC - secure, credible, online, accessible worldwide
  • hubconsult gives you peace of mind – we do all of that nasty monthly filing, VAT, bookkeeping, annual accounts and audit, and answer other ad hoc queries to the authorities, so you don’t have to!! Simply applying the economies of scale of sharing your company structure with other businesses dramatically reduces your overhead costs! Our accountants are qualified and registered with Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW) - giving you peace of mind that professional accounting and audit standards are being met, and that they, like us, respect the code of ethics in business and can be fully trusted.
  • you provide hubconsult address details to your client. Our lawyers prepare or review your contracts, posted online for electronic signing with your client 
  • hubconsult invoicing templates are provided to you, issued and recorded in our online accounting system
  • business expense invoices can be recorded and paid through our system
  • your corporate tax is optimised for you, with dramatic savings to your bottom line. We advise you on dividends, payment of fees, and personal taxation.
  • We have a specialist Independent Financial Advisor (IFA), with 30 years' experience of advising sensible financial planning for expatriates to plan for growth, security, yields and for retirement or family educational and health needs. Our British IFA travels to all corners of the globe and can provide you a free personal review. Just ask!
  • For our network of experts, we are able to plan PII to give security to you and your client
  • hubconsult is a strong and trusted brand name and a good home for your business - that's why so many freelancers, consultants and small businesses love working with us.
  • Our network of Hubconsult Associates (subscribers) and the Hubconsult Network are an ideal network to grow your business. We are always striving to facilitate more exchange among our friends and colleagues.


The simplest way to calculate how much you will save as a Hubconsult Associate is to try out Calculator (click the Calculator button on the menu above!). You input your revenues and costs (one-off and regular costs of running a company) as well as your tax rate on net profits, and then compare that against with what you retain as a Hubconsult Associate. You need to be registered (free) to use the Calculator. (Simplest way is log in with LinkedIn!)

If you are not ready to register, then don't worry we also have this worked example below.

For both of these examples, we use make the comparison in euros (), whatever currency your business revenues and costs are actually in. 

How much could a Hubconsult Associate save? - here's how much!
(example freelancer with fees of €100,000 p.a.)
  You Hubconsult
Set-up costs      
Your company set-up costs 1,000 - 1,000
Annual Cost      
Your fee turnover per annum 100,000 100,000  
Your monthly bookkeeper costs (x12) 2,400    2,400
Your annual accounting and filing costs 1,000 300* 700
Profit before Tax (PBT) 96,600  99,700  3,100
Your Corporate Tax rate % 25  -  25
Profit after Tax (PAT) 72,450  99,700  27,250
Hubconsult 1% admin charge   1,000  -1,000
Net Fees we pay you   98,700  
Comparison of retained income 72,450 98,700 26,250
Set-up cost saving (one-off)     1,000
Annual cost and taxation saving     26,250
Hubconsult saves you after first year     27,250
* best value 5 year Gold Plan

Establishing a company commits you to overhead and hassle

One thing is clear - the decision to set up a company is a substantial fixed cost commitment - both as a one-off cost and then annually. (Even if you don't have sales, you still need to pay this large overhead with bills to bookkeepers, accountants, lawyers, auditors on a regular basis. And it diverts your time away from creativity to things most of us don’t want to be bothered with - boring administration and compliance!)

Your business location is worth optimising – failure to do so commits you to greater deductions than you may need to pay

Most people's business or company is structured in a way that they are liable to more Corporate Tax than need to pay, especially when their work is international.

(We have seen deductions of over half of net profit in some cases, when NI is taken into account - much higher even than we show in our typical example here.)

Correct structure helps your business to grow

Both of these factors – administration and poor structure create disincentives to innovative, grow and employ more staff.

The Hubconsult Associate solution for those who want to be efficient: minimise admin, downtime, and deductions

We believe the Hubconsult Associate solution can tackle the problem of expensive incorporation for freelancers and SMEs.

It is a major stride towards business simplification.

We compare both the set up fees and then the annual costs, showing you an average estimate of what you can save. And the result is very good news for you!

Online, professional, safe, efficient

How is this possible? Economies of scale help you benefit from efficiency savings while division of labour allows us to provide a more effective solution to you than your existing company structure could, which by the way also allows us to provide you with a better quality service, and a network for your business.

Admin costs proportionate to the size of your business

Unlike in the typical company scenario, your costs are not lumpy. Your costs grow proportionately as your income grows, giving you peace of mind. (We know some businesses where all of their income is consumed by their company overheads. We don't want to let that to happen to you!)

As your business grows, that's when you are best placed to make huge cost savings on your annual fees. We estimate over a quarter of your net profits, on average!

As a result, based on the modest example above, a typical Hubconsult Associate freelancer will have recouped the cost of subscription after just a few months!

* assuming here our recommended Gold Plan to give you an average accounting and auditing cost of €300, which is paid upfront for 5 years. 

** your Corporate and VAT rates are zero as a Hubconsult Associate. (You should seek financial and tax advice regarding your own tax and social security status. Hubconsult refers you to our Terms and Conditions regarding your own liability.) 

** special client-specific requirements such as special contracting could be charged extra - for example if you ask us to review your contract details in more depth. (However, you have complete control of that.)

Our very reasonable 1% admin charge is based on turnover - for most fee income business such as freelancing, turnover does not differ greatly to profitability.



International and Peace of Mind
That's right, no matter where you are in the world, and whoever your business is contracted with, and wherever the service you provide will be taking place, isn't it reassuring to know you do not have to keep moving your place of business.
Business and Banking Location
We believe that Hong Kong is the most dynamic and safest place for a growing and prosperous business to be based. Think of all of the opportunities of being based there too!
As a Hubconsult Associate your business address is in the heart of the financial centre of Hong Kong. Our main bank is HSBC, Hong Kong. 
On top of that, enjoy our Representative Office in the UK too which helps to serve our clients working for the EU. 
Contracts and Accounting
We review your contracts for our KYC purposes, but you bear the full business liability to your client for the delivery of your contract. (You and your client will sign for this as part of the contract, as well as in the Terms and Conditions.)
Your contracts can be loaded and signed by you and your client and stored online for your ease, and can be issued in hardcopy to your client and for return to us.
You will be able to enter into your online accounting portal for invoicing and checking updates to your payments for your management purposes.  We conduct accounting annually for submission to the authorities. 
If only all companies were run like this! Our clients love the ease, professionalism and Value for Money being a hubconsult Associate gives them!
We run a company so you don't have too - Simple and effective - more time for your business and for you!


Become a hubconsult Associate today!

To recap, you have learned here that:

  • business success is dramatically helped by smart company structure. A typical business owner can cut:

a)  initial company set-up costs

b)  annual company running costs

c)  time spent on company admin

d)  optimise company taxation.

The example showed how you could improve your net Profit after Tax based on lower admin costs and taxation. If you took the Calculator test yourself using your own revenues, costs and tax rates, you saw how much you could actually save, which could be more or less than this example. 

  • in many developed country locations too, consultants are retaining far less of their fees than they could do
  • despite the impressive savings, it is not the improvement in cost reduction which is the main advantage of becoming a hubconsult Associate - many consultants or SMEs find that their home country has a poor, sluggish or corrupt reputation for company administration, business and contract law, or their banks are not trustworthy. This stifles their ability to do business. So by locating where the infrastructure gives better business support, you can help your business to prosper. It's not only businesses that need to compete, countries do too...that's why a lot of people and businesses migrate already.
  • many freelancer or consulting businesses are global, internet- or cloud-based, and intrinsically mobile - they have the freedom to choose their business home.
  • having better access to the fast growing markets in Asia, either to export to or import from helps keep your business more up-to-date and competitive 
  • that you don't need to do all of that nasty company admin yourself, which just creates stress and excessive cost and diverts time from your innovation and creativity. All of the company compliance and auditing is taken care of - and you have access online to your contracts and accounts, keeping you in control.
  • that being a hubconsult Associate, you can take advantage of being a global business, and be located in probably the most dynamic, credible and exciting business markets in the world - Hong Kong - regardless of where you or your clients are based. 
  • if you need a EU contracting base, Hubconsult can contract for you in the EU
  • that you will be served by ICAEW trained, qualified and registered accountants giving you peace of mind for compliance and fiduciary risks. 
  • and that on top of all that, hubconsult experts and businesses help each other. We are a community of like-minded experts and entrepreneurs! We are introducing tools to help your business grow

Welcome to hubconsult. Right now we are offering a special subscription offer to make your annual costs even lower than normal, a tiny fraction of what you will save. Please click the button below to get started!